2012  "The Substance of Abstraction"
Cooperation Exhibition  A Gallery, New York

2008  „Fourwork“
Cooperation Exhibition WUK Vienna

2007  „Allwomensommer“ 
Cooperation Exhibition unik.at Vienna

2007  „Looking For A Trace“
Solo Exhibition Centro 11 Vienna

2005  „Holebody Plaster Sculpture“
Cooperation Exhibition European Art Academy Trier

2003  „Landscapes“
Solo Exhibition unik.at Vienna

2002  „Visions“
Cooperation Exhibition European Art Academy Trier

2000  „Figures of Women“
Solo Exhibition Kirchenwirt St.Johann / Hohentauern

1999  „Figures of Women“
Solo Exhibition Galery Schwamberger Ampflwang Women´s Culture Week Upper Austria

1998  „Figures of Women“
Solo Exhibition Women´s Health Center Graz

1997  „The Soul Is Thinking In Pictures“
Solo Exhibition Business Women Center Metahofschloß Graz

1996  „Spirit and Art“
Solo Exhibition Buschenschank Klockerhof Stmk.

1994  „Figures of Women“
Solo Exhibition Women Initiative Graz

1993  „Figures of Women“
Solo Exhibition Cafe Comod Graz

1992  "Abstract"
Cooperation Exhibition Castle of Seggau, Styria.

1984  „Figures of Women“
Solo Exhibition Amerlinghaus Vienna