Artist Biography Sieglinde Wagner

Born in 1961 in Ampflwang/i.H., Upper Austria

Dipl. Visual Artist, Dipl. Art Therapist, Socialworker and Psychotherapeutin in Ausbildung unter Supervision

Artist in Residence

Press Release from the New Yorker Art Magazin "ArtiSpectrum"

Sieglinde Wagners mixed media work runs the gamut from full abstraction to figurative paintings. Her careful, focused attention to her subjects and themes is surpassed only by her fine-tuned sense of rhythm, color, and movement. Wagner´s lines have a pulsing, vibrating quality. Her abstracts on daringly thin vertical canvases leap from the surface with jittery, frenetic, yet somehow graceful movement, charged with electric emotion. Even when her work is figurative and less attentive to individual lines and strokes of pigment, energetic lines within the piece still remain. The rhythms these lines create are the hallmark of her work. The dialogue is most important between me and my work, "explains Wagner. "My hands are doing, and at the same time I am lost in contemplation." The result allows the artist to engage her audience with her inner dialogue through her art, sharing with them a part of herself and her process.

Sieglinde Wagner was born in Ampflwang, Austria. She lives and works in Vienna.